I was pleasantly surprised by this experience because of its content, the organization and the interest with which the project has been carried on. I think this is a really good opportunity for us students to measure ourselves with the real economic world and break away, even if only momentarily, from the theory of books coming to the concreteness of company management. In my opinion then, has aroused attention the comparison with the German group with whom we have exchanged opinions and knowledge acquired during our studies. In summary, I can confirm that it was a great opportunity and I'm very excited and confident in wanting to organize a return trip that would also allow the Italian group to visit Germany.

Alessia Pizzuti


It was an experience very constructive and useful in terms of presenting a CV to a company. If I have to make a constructive criticism, I have to say that one hour of time to discuss the decisions to be taken by the group is not enough. It would take at least 2 hours. I hope that in future we can re-create this collaboration with German universities.

Francesco Saraceno


The business game is the most beautiful game because it is a way to connect and compare ideas with the German colleagues. It's very uself to refresh English language and put into practice the knowledge that we would have to acquire in these university years.
Gianluigi Nicoletti



I think that the business game was a great experience, because it allowed an exchange on all levels, with the German Students.

Manuel Pedicone