The   theory of the firm: general overview, economic background and chronological   evolution

Boundaries   of the firm and contracting view of the firm

Letture   Jensen e Meckling, Jensen 86, Arrow

Behavioral   theory of the firm

Resource-based   theory, capabilities view and the knowledge-based theory of the firm

Evolutionary   theory

Changing nature of   the firm: organization, power and theory of the firm

Looking   for a theory of the firm: Future challenges

Theory   of the firm and its applications on make-or-buy problem

Theory   of the firm and its applications in empirical research

What   Determines Firm Size?

Firm’s   objective and theory of value 


Teaching methods

Lectures and discussion.

Course literature

A general literature is provided below, and it has to be part of the basic knowledge before the first class of the course.

¨  La Rocca Maurizio, 2001, Teorie sull’impresa, workingpaper n.14 Dip.To Organizzazione Aziendale – Unical.

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¨   David Kreps, 1997, “Economics: The Current Position,” Daedalus 126: 59-86

Moreover, each unit requires specific papers to read, provided one week before the class.



The final grade will be determined by the scores on the class presentations and discussion (50%) given routinely and on a final assignment (50%).